Badger Extreme camper trailer features an innovative expanding roof

Badger Extreme Expanding Camping Trailer
Badger Extreme camping trailer fully deployed and camp-ready. Images courtesy Badger Caravans

The world of camping trailers is witnessing a remarkable evolution with the introduction of the Badger Extreme camper trailer. This innovative design merges various elements from different types of campers, such as fold-out tent campers, caravans with sidewall expansions, and pop-top campers, to create a unique and spacious mobile accommodation.

The Badger series stands out with its unusual expansion mechanism. A significant portion of its fiberglass roof and sidewall folds out to form an additional room in the middle of the floor plan. This expansion significantly increases both the headroom and elbow room, all within a compact, single-axle footprint. This design strategy makes the Badger Extreme a versatile option for bush adventurers seeking a hybrid of hard and soft camping bases that still maintains the ease of towing akin to a teardrop trailer.

The South African camper market, not as frequently explored as its American, European, or Australian counterparts, is known for its unique and inventive designs. The Badger Extreme continues this trend, offering a fresh twist on expandable camping trailers. Its 16.8-foot length places it in the same category as a typical teardrop trailer, yet its rugged, off-road caravan design with a sharply faceted nose and rectangular body sets it apart.

Unlike smaller trailers, the Badger Extreme eschews a cramped interior in favor of a central fold-out section. This innovative design transforms the right sidewall and center roof into a floor and rear wall, respectively. The setup process involves using grab handles to pull down the expansion, with telescopic legs built into the roof rack providing necessary support.

Badger Extreme Expanding Camping Trailer Off-Road
Exploring the off-road prowess of the Badger Extreme camper trailer.

Once expanded, the interior setup includes a canopy bedroom with weatherproof canvas sidewalls. The bed, versatile in its design, functions as a sofa during the day and extends into a spacious 75-inch double bed at night, while maintaining clear access to the trailer’s center walking aisle. The increased headroom in this area enhances the overall spaciousness of the interior.

Badger Extreme Expanding Camping Trailer Telescopic Legs
Telescopic legs extend from roof crossbars for sturdy bedroom expansion support.

The rest of the interior remains modest, in line with the teardrop size, but is efficiently designed with storage organizers, a wall-mounted TV, and access to an outdoor kitchen area. The kitchen itself is a highlight, extending along the entry side of the trailer. It includes a tall kitchen cupboard, a dual-burner stove, a fridge/freezer, additional storage, worktop space, and a sink basin with a hot/cold sprayer. The kitchen’s design allows for internal access to the fridge when retracted. Plumbing features include a Hansen hot water heater, a 12-V water pump, and a 110-liter water tank.

Badger Extreme Expanding Camping Trailer Multi-size Bed
The versatile bed transforms from a daytime sofa to a 190-cm long nighttime sleeping space, leaving the aisle open for full trailer access.

The Badger Extreme accommodates two people standard, with an optional rear tent for additional sleeping space. While it doesn’t include a standard bathroom, it compensates with a rear sprayer that doubles as a shower, complete with hot water, and space for a portable toilet. The rear tent can also be converted into a private bathroom space.

Badger offers the Extreme model in three configurations. The flagship Extreme model, weighing 1,240 kg, is priced at approximately R455,000 (US$24,210). This model is fully equipped for off-road adventures, featuring exclusive equipment such as shock absorbers, mud flaps, and rock sliders. It also includes a fridge/freezer, which is optional in lower-tier models.

Badger Extreme Expanding Camping Trailer Slide Flip Fold
Badger camping trailers are uniquely designed to slide, flip, and fold in innovative ways.

The base-level Lite Onroad model starts at R320,000 (US$17,025), offering a lighter axle and omitting many of the amenities, including the slide-out kitchen and water heater. The mid-tier X-Over model is available from R380,000 (US$20,235). All models are built on a steel chassis and come with a 105-Ah battery electrical system.

Badger Extreme Expanding Camping Trailer Slide-Out Kitchen
The slide-out kitchen in the Badger features a rear table that accommodates the sink basin.

In summary, the Badger Extreme camper trailer presents a unique and versatile option for outdoor enthusiasts. Its innovative expansion design, combined with a range of amenities and configurations, positions it as a compelling choice for those seeking a balance between rugged functionality and comfortable camping.

Badger Extreme Expanding Camping Trailer Rear Tent
Enhance your camping experience with the Badger trailer’s optional rear tent.

Source: Badger Caravans