Exploring the VW Dog Camper: A canine-friendly travel solution

The Flowcamper Fellschnute introduces a unique camper van experience, specifically designed with dogs in mind. Images courtesy Flowcamper

Flowcamper, a German company known for its distinctive and functional camper vans, has introduced an innovative solution for pet owners who love to travel with their furry friends. The VW T6.1-based Dog Van, officially named “Fellschnute,” reflects a thoughtful approach to making road trips more comfortable and enjoyable for both dogs and their owners.

The concept of the Dog Van is not entirely new. It traces its origins to the Dogscamper, developed by Flowcamper’s former sister company Terracamper. After Terra and Flow split to focus on their unique product lines, Martin Hemp, the original founder, continued to lead Flowcamper, refining the Dogscamper concept into what is now known as the Dog Van.

Flowcamper’s design philosophy for the Fellschnute Dog Van is centered on canine comfort and safety, addressing the common challenges pet owners face when traveling with dogs in conventional vehicles. Traditionally, dogs are either uncomfortably squeezed into passenger areas, relegated to lonely rides in pickup beds, or confined in cramped crates. The Dog Van offers a refreshing alternative, with a design that prioritizes both human and canine needs.

The camper van is built on a modular floor rail system, a staple in many of Flowcamper’s designs. However, the Dog Van uniquely divides the floor plan into separate areas for dogs and humans. For the canine section, Flowcamper provides customizable panels allowing for a variety of configurations. The maximum kennel size of 43 x 51 x 30 inches (109 x 130 x 75 cm) is notably larger than conventional crates, offering dogs more space and comfort. Additionally, the kennel features both interior and tailgate-facing doors, making it easy for pets to enter and exit the van.

Flowcamper expands its innovative lineup with the addition of the Fellschnute Dog Van.

The versatility of the Dog Van is evident in its accommodation capabilities. It can transport one to four dogs, depending on the kennel layout, and carry two to five human occupants. For sleeping arrangements, the van includes a fold-out bed measuring 47 x 74 inches (120 x 187 cm) and an optional pop-up roof bed of similar dimensions.

Flowcamper utilizes floor and wall rails to design a versatile interior for both dogs and owners.

Beyond the kennel, the Fellschnute Dog Van boasts features that cater to both human and canine needs. The 18-liter fresh water system, which serves both the kitchen and rear hookups, is a prime example. The hand shower, which can be used for dishwashing or cleaning pets and gear, highlights the van’s dual-function design. The kitchen area itself is thoughtfully laid out, with a dual-burner gas stove, a 30-liter compressor fridge/freezer, and a utensil drawer.

The Flowcamper Dog Van can accommodate sleeping arrangements for up to four individuals and/or four dogs.

For comfort in warmer climates, Flowcamper offers a portable air conditioner designed to cool the crate area by approximately 15 degrees. This system, powered by a 400-watt solar charging setup, is particularly beneficial for pets on hot days. Additionally, the van includes a dry separating toilet for humans, while pets are encouraged to use the outdoors for their needs.

The handheld sprayer in the Flowcamper Dog Van effortlessly transitions from the kitchen sink to the tailgate wash area.

Pricing for the Fellschnute Dog Van varies based on the chosen configuration. The base model starts at approximately €70,900 (US$77,775), with mid-level and 4Motion AWD versions priced at €73,900 and €80,900 ($88,745), respectively. These prices are based on the VW T6.1 base van and include the human-ready camping hardware. However, the cost of the customizable dog area is not included in these figures, as it depends on the specific design chosen by the customer.

While not the most aesthetically pleasing, the air conditioner in the Flowcamper Dog Van is specifically designed to ensure dogs stay cool and comfortable.

Source: Flowcamper