Honda 0 Series: Pioneering low-height electric vehicles

Honda 0 Series Low-Height Saloon EV
Upon opening the Saloon's gull-wing doors, passengers are welcomed by a generously spacious interior. Images courtesy Honda

Honda has embarked on a journey to redefine the electric vehicle (EV) landscape with the introduction of its 0 Series during CES 2024. This innovative series is set to include two concept electric vehicles, the Saloon and Space-Hub, with plans to roll them out in the North American market by 2026. The Honda 0 Series represents a significant step in the company’s EV strategy, focusing on low-height vehicles that promise a unique combination of design and functionality.

The naming of the series, “0”, signifies a fresh start, aligning with Honda’s mission to focus on the essential principle of ‘man maximum, machine minimum’. This design philosophy aims to maximize the space available for occupants while minimizing the area needed for mechanical components. It’s a concept that Honda believes will redefine the way electric vehicles are designed, making them more user-centric.

Saloon and Space-Hub: A new breed of electric vehicles

The Saloon, the flagship model of the Honda 0 Series, challenges traditional city car designs with its ground-hugging stature and distinctive silhouette. The vehicle features an elongated frame that slopes dramatically at the front, sporting an innovative front bumper design. The side profile is marked by geometric cuts on the doors and windows, complemented by prism-shaped tires.

The Saloon’s gull-wing doors reveal a spacious interior, with extensive legroom, cocoon-like bucket seats, and a tech-laden instrument panel. This panel features a window-to-window HD display that integrates the steering wheel, enhancing the driving experience with intuitive controls.

Honda 0 Series Saloon EV Rear View
Rear view of the electric vehicle Saloon.
Honda 0 Series Low-Height Space-Hub EV
The Space-Hub EV.

The Space-Hub, on the other hand, offers even more cabin space with its van-like structure. It departs from traditional seating layouts in favor of a face-to-face arrangement, creating a communal space in the center. This design choice not only facilitates interaction among passengers but also enhances their travel experience with panoramic views through an all-glass, tint-adjustable roof.

Thin, Light, and Wise: The core of the Honda 0 Series

Honda 0 Series Space-Hub EV Face-to-Face Seating
Space-Hub: Maximizing interaction with face-to-face seating and expansive interiors for panoramic views.

Both the Saloon and Space-Hub embody Honda’s new approach to EV development: creating vehicles that are thin, light, and wise. The low floor height of these vehicles not only contributes to their unique aesthetics but also improves aerodynamics. Honda’s use of a proprietary platform enables these EVs to achieve a near-ground touch, enhancing their performance.

The emphasis on lightweight construction is paired with advanced aerodynamic design principles borrowed from Formula racing. Meanwhile, the “wise” aspect is reflected in the integration of cutting-edge AI, sensing, and driver monitoring systems, ensuring a safe and responsive driving experience.

Honda 0 Series Saloon EV Interior
Inside the Saloon EV.

In conjunction with these vehicles, Honda has unveiled a revamped logo design. Moving away from the design that has been in place since 1981, the new logo features a chunkier “H” with a unique curvature that mirrors the seating arrangement of the Space-Hub. This redesign symbolizes Honda’s commitment to innovation and its readiness to embrace the future of electric mobility.

Honda 0 Series Saloon EV Side View
Side view of the Saloon EV.

Pricing and availability

As of now, Honda has not released specific pricing details for the 0 Series. However, the company’s plans to launch these models in the North American market by 2026 suggest that more information will become available as the release date approaches. Potential buyers and EV enthusiasts can expect competitive pricing that reflects the advanced technology and unique design features of the Honda 0 Series.

Honda 0 Series Space-Hub EV Door
The Space-Hub EV redefines group travel with its expansive cabin and innovative face-to-face seating arrangement.

Source: Honda