Fliteboard introduces more accessible eFoiling with Flite Air

Flite Air Inflatable Board eFoiling
The Flite Air delivers comparable e-foiling experiences to its Fliteboard kin, yet at a more accessible price. Images courtesy Fliteboard

In an exciting move that brings the thrill of electric foiling to a broader audience, Australia’s Fliteboard, now under the Brunswick Corporation, has unveiled the Flite Air. This new offering aims to make the exhilarating experience of riding an eFoil more affordable without compromising on the adventure and freedom that comes with gliding above the waves.

Electric foiling has carved a niche within water sports, offering riders the ability to cruise on water bodies without the need for waves. The allure of eFoiling lies in its ability to lift riders above the water surface, providing a smooth ride even in choppy conditions. However, the entry cost to this unique experience has traditionally been steep, limiting access to a select group of enthusiasts.

Recognizing this, Fliteboard embarked on the development of the Flite Air since 2018, aiming to replicate the high-quality experience of its premium eFoil boards at a more accessible price point. The Flite Air diverges from the high-end carbon fiber construction of its predecessors, opting instead for a combination of a solid foam-core and an inflatable outer bladder. This design not only makes the board more affordable but also enhances its portability and ease of use in various environments, from calm lakes to the open sea.

At the heart of the Flite Air is its propulsion system, consisting of an aluminum mast paired with a 4-kW motor. Riders have the option to choose between a standard propeller setup or the innovative Flite Jet propulsion. To accommodate different riding styles and conditions, the board offers four different wing sets, allowing for a customized foiling experience.

Flite Air Inflatable Board eFoiling Pro Model
The Flite Air caters to novices, whereas the Pro model is designed for seasoned eFoiling enthusiasts.

Powering the Flite Air is the lightweight 13.7-lb Flitecell Nano Li-ion battery, promising up to 45 minutes of ride time. For those seeking longer adventures, an upgrade to the Flitecell Sport pack doubles the duration between charges. The board’s dimensions and weight are designed to balance maneuverability and stability, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned riders.

The Flite Air also comes in a Pro version, catering to more experienced foilers with its slightly reduced length and width, alongside a lighter frame for enhanced agility.

Flite Air Inflatable Board eFoiling Weight
The Flite Air tips the scales at 59.3 lbs in total, with the Pro variant slightly lighter at 57.1 lbs.

David Trewern, founder and CEO of Fliteboard, highlighted the versatility of the Flite Air, noting its suitability for a range of activities from leisurely rides off docks to more demanding uses in schools and rental operations. Emphasizing compatibility with most Flite products, Trewern pointed out that the new boards could serve as a durable, lightweight alternative for professionals accustomed to the brand’s carbon fiber models.

Flite Air Inflatable Board eFoiling Remote Control
The Flite Air eFoiling board is operated through a wireless handheld remote.

Launched at the Miami International Boat Show, the Flite Air and Air Pro are now available for purchase. With a starting price of US$6,995, the Flite Air presents a significantly more accessible entry point into the world of eFoiling compared to Fliteboard’s premium models, which start at $9,695. Despite the lower price, the Flite Air does not skimp on the quality and innovation that Fliteboard is known for, promising an exciting and inclusive foiling experience for a wider range of enthusiasts. Shipping is slated to begin in May, offering a new wave of riders the chance to take to the waters in style and with unprecedented freedom.

Flite Air Inflatable Board eFoiling Design
The Flite Air features a patent-pending design, combining a foam-core base with a reinforced inflatable outer bladder.

Source: Fliteboard