Hybrid-electric catamaran resembles a sports car on water

Rossinavi M/Y Seawolf X Hybrid-electric AI Catamaran
The Rossinavi M/Y Seawolf X boasts a sleek, low-profile design resembling a sports car, with its full-aluminum structure and visually striking curves. Images courtesy Rossinavi

Rossinavi has introduced its first hybrid-electric catamaran, the M/Y Seawolf X, which combines advanced artificial intelligence with eco-friendly propulsion technology. The Italian yacht builder has created a vessel that not only boasts cutting-edge AI capabilities but also emphasizes sustainability through its hybrid-electric system and solar energy integration. Designed by Fulvio de Simoni Yacht Design and featuring interiors by New York-based Meyer Davis Studio, the M/Y Seawolf X presents a blend of sleek aesthetics and innovative technology.

Advanced AI for enhanced cruising

Central to the M/Y Seawolf X is the proprietary Rossinavi AI system. This onboard artificial intelligence can learn from the behaviors and preferences of guests, predicting their needs and assisting the crew to enhance the cruising experience. The AI system advises the captain on optimal navigation modes and water conditions, contributing to more efficient and conscious cruising.

One of the notable features of the Rossinavi AI is its ability to manage the catamaran’s battery pack, maintaining the charge within a range of 20 to 80 percent. This careful monitoring helps extend the battery life, ensuring long-term efficiency and reliability. The AI system’s predictive capabilities are aimed at providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests while optimizing the vessel’s performance.

Sustainable power and long cruises

The M/Y Seawolf X’s hybrid-electric system allows it to cruise in full electric mode for day trips and maintain electric operation for 90 percent of the time on multi-day journeys. Even on transatlantic voyages, the catamaran can sustain electric mode for 80 percent of the trip. When in hibernation mode, the vessel minimizes its energy consumption autonomously, further emphasizing its eco-friendly design.

Rossinavi M/Y Seawolf X AI Catamaran
The M/Y Seawolf X features Rossinavi’s AI system for optimized cruising and operates as a hybrid-electric catamaran.

Solar panels are integrated into the M/Y Seawolf X, capturing sunlight to generate green energy. This energy can be stored and used to power equipment or even a villa when the catamaran is moored. The vessel can be fully recharged at shore power in just five hours, and it also comes equipped with two diesel generators for quick battery recharging. This combination of solar and diesel power ensures that the catamaran remains versatile and efficient in various cruising scenarios.

Innovative design and luxurious interiors

Externally, the M/Y Seawolf X is designed to resemble a sports car, with a sleek and low-profile silhouette. The full-aluminum structure curves gently, mimicking the waves and creating a striking visual impression. From the front or rear, the catamaran gives the illusion of having two giant wheels with a hollow body below, enhancing its sporty aesthetic.

Rossinavi M/Y Seawolf X Hybrid-electric AI Catamaran Aerial View
Aerial view of Rossinavi’s first hybrid-electric AI catamaran, the ‘M/Y Seawolf X’.

Inside, Meyer Davis Studio has crafted a luxurious and functional living space across three distinct areas. The outdoor living space features a cockpit centered around a pool, an expansive sundeck with sunbathing and living areas, and a bow area with a hidden pool and a convertible home theater. These spaces are designed to provide comfort and entertainment, ensuring that guests have a memorable experience on board.

Pricing and availability

As Rossinavi’s first hybrid-electric AI catamaran, the M/Y Seawolf X stands out for its combination of advanced technology, sustainable design, and luxurious amenities. The exact pricing for the M/Y Seawolf X has not been disclosed, but it is expected to reflect the high level of innovation and luxury associated with Rossinavi’s custom yacht offerings. Interested buyers should contact Rossinavi directly for detailed pricing and availability information.

Rossinavi M/Y Seawolf X AI Catamaran Collab
Rossinavi collaborated with Fulvio de Simoni Yacht Design and Meyer Davis Studio to create the M/Y Seawolf X, combining innovative design with luxurious interiors.

In summary, the M/Y Seawolf X is a testament to Rossinavi’s commitment to combining innovation with sustainability. Its hybrid-electric propulsion, advanced AI capabilities, and luxurious design make it a remarkable addition to the world of luxury yachts, appealing to those who seek both performance and eco-friendliness in their maritime adventures.

Source: Rossinavi