Chat Rickshaw Bike is an inclusive cycling solution for all

Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike
The Chat Rickshaw Bike by Van Raam offers side-by-side seating and electric pedal support for safe, comfortable, and inclusive cycling experiences. Images courtesy Van Raam

The Chat Rickshaw Bike is designed to facilitate cycling for individuals who are unable to participate in traffic on their own, allowing them to enjoy a ride with the assistance of a companion. This unique bike is suitable for various settings, including care institutions, families, and holiday parks, providing an inclusive experience for all users.

Design and features

The Chat Rickshaw Bike features a specially designed cockpit that accommodates two passengers seated side-by-side, with the driver positioned behind them. This configuration offers the driver a clear view of both the road and the passengers. The bike comes equipped with several standard features aimed at ensuring comfort, safety, and ease of use:

Electric pedal support: The bike includes electric pedal support as standard, enhancing the riding experience with features such as the ability to cycle backwards. This support is integrated with the Van Raam E-Bike App, a sophisticated cycling computer providing real-time information about the bike’s battery and settings.

Ergonomics and comfort: The Chat bike prioritizes passenger comfort through suspension, ergonomic design, and soft seating materials, making every ride enjoyable.

Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike Specs
The Chat Rickshaw Bike boasts an average range of 37 km, a top speed of 20 km/h, and a weight capacity of 120 kg for the driver and 200 kg for passengers.

Safety and convenience: Standard safety features include 8 gears, hydraulic disc brakes, automatic lighting, a parking brake, and a steering damper. The bike also meets all legal safety requirements and includes a hip belt, ART-approved lock, and bell.

Environmental considerations: The bike is painted with environmentally friendly materials and is designed to be an eco-friendly alternative to bus or taxi transport.

Optional add-ons

To further enhance the functionality and comfort of the Chat Rickshaw Bike, a range of optional accessories is available:

  1. Canopy: An adjustable canopy protects passengers from sun and rain.
  2. Mirror: A handlebar-mounted mirror for increased safety.
  3. Stick holder: A holder for walking sticks or crutches.
  4. Extra battery pack slim: Increases the bike’s range for longer rides.
  5. Fixation vest: Ensures secure seating for passengers, available in various sizes.
  6. Pedal assist: The Silent System pedal support developed by Van Raam.
  7. Speedometer: Displays speed and distance traveled.
  8. Baskets: Various baskets for carrying items.
  9. Custom colors: Powder coating in RAL colors for personalized aesthetics.
  10. Support bar: Provides extra security for passengers.
  11. Mountain gears: For easier cycling in hilly or mountainous areas.
  12. Ergogel saddle: A comfortable gel-filled saddle with water resistance.
  13. Crank shortener: Adjusts the pedaling motion for better ergonomics.
  14. Panniers: Double or single-sided pannier bags for carrying groceries.
  15. Bike leg cover: Keeps passengers warm with anti-slip and velvet features.
  16. Platform pedal: Offers extra foot support and grip.
  17. Balanced pedal with Strap: Prevents the foot from slipping off the pedal.
  18. Protection screen: Reduces potential virus transmission between passengers.
Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike Seating
The Chat Rickshaw Bike has a unique cockpit with side-by-side seating for two passengers, allowing the driver behind them to maintain a clear view of the road and riders.


The Chat Rickshaw Bike boasts impressive specifications that cater to a wide range of users and use cases:

Range: The average range with the default battery is 37 km, with a minimum of 20 km and a maximum of 61 km.

Speed: The bike supports a maximum speed of 20 km/h with pedal assistance.

Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike Adjustable Footplate
The Chat Rickshaw Bike ensures easy and safe entry and exit with its adjustable footplate.

Dimensions: The cycle length is 232 cm, and the width is 111 cm. It features a boarding height of 45 cm and a frame height of 52 cm.

Weight and capacity: The bike weighs 97 kg with the electrical system and supports a maximum user weight of 120 kg for the driver and 200 kg for the passengers. It also includes a luggage carrier with a 20 kg capacity.

Colors: The standard color is yellow orange matt (RAL 2000), with additional options available in reseda green matt (RAL 6011) and signal red matt (RAL 3001).

Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike Tech Specs
The Chat Rickshaw Bike is equipped with 8 gears, hydraulic disc brakes, and electric pedal support.

Pricing and availability

The Chat Rickshaw Bike starts at 8,915 Euros (approximately US$9,632), excluding VAT and shipping costs. This pricing reflects the high-quality materials and advanced features included in the bike, making it a valuable investment for those seeking a reliable and inclusive transportation solution.

Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike Speedometer
The optional speedometer on the Chat Rickshaw Bike lets riders track their speed and distance traveled for a more informed cycling experience.


The Chat Rickshaw Bike by Van Raam is a versatile and innovative solution for individuals who require assistance while cycling. Its thoughtful design, comprehensive safety features, and customizable options make it an excellent choice for various applications, from family outings to care facilities. By prioritizing comfort and accessibility, the Chat Rickshaw Bike ensures that everyone can enjoy cycling, regardless of their physical capabilities.

Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Bike Ride Together
The Chat Rickshaw Bike makes cycling more inclusive by allowing children and adults who cannot ride independently to enjoy a shared cycling experience.

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