ElectricBrands XBus: A glimpse into the future of modular electric vehicles

ElectricBrands XBus Modular Electric Vehicle
The ElectricBrands XBus features a modular design and solar integration, catering to diverse transport needs with a range of 200-600 km. Images courtesy ElectricBrands

The automotive industry is witnessing a paradigm shift towards electric mobility, characterized by innovations aimed at sustainability, flexibility, and efficiency. One of the standout examples of this shift is the ElectricBrands XBus, a compact, modular electric vehicle (EV) that promises a unique blend of versatility and eco-friendliness.

Design and specifications

At the heart of the XBus’s appeal is its innovative modular design, which allows for high levels of customization. The vehicle is built on a standard chassis that supports various modules, catering to a wide range of uses from cargo transport and passenger conveyance to recreational activities like camping. The XBus measures approximately 3,945 mm in length, 1,690 mm in width, and stands 1,930/1,990 mm tall, with an empty weight ranging from 500 to 800 kg, excluding batteries and cargo.

The XBus is equipped with a 15 kWh battery, offering a base range of about 200 km, which can be optionally extended to 45 kWh for up to 600 km on a single charge. It features four-wheel drive, solar roofing options, a sound system, and recuperation technology, among other amenities. Notably, its solar foil can cover up to 6 m², depending on the module, enhancing its sustainability credentials.

Variants for every need

ElectricBrands has introduced several variants of the XBus, each designed to serve specific needs:

ElectricBrands XBus Modular EV Chassis Variants
The XBus offers two chassis variants, Standard and Offroad, designed to enhance urban mobility and tackle rugged terrain respectively.

Base Model: The foundation of all other modules, equipped with essential features and a starting price of €17,380 (about US$18,880).

Pickup and Pickup Bus: Designed for professional use, offering an open loading area or a combination of a rear cabin with loading capabilities.

Camper: A dream for adventure seekers, complete with sleeping space, a kitchenette, and entertainment options.

Cabrio: For those who enjoy the open air, this variant comes with a convertible roof feature.

Box and Transporter: Aimed at maximizing cargo volume, ideal for delivery services or mobile businesses.

Bus and Kipper (Tipper): Offers ample passenger or cargo space with enhanced functionality for easy loading and unloading.

These variants underscore the XBus’s adaptability, enabling it to meet diverse user requirements efficiently.

ElectricBrands XBus Modular Electric Vehicle Camper
The XBus’s Camper module includes a sleeping area for two, and a compact kitchen with sink, fridge, and hob, perfect for adventure trips.

Production and challenges

The journey of the XBus from concept to production has not been without its challenges. Initially slated for a 2022 start, production faced delays due to various factors, including industrialization hurdles. In a strategic move, ElectricBrands partnered with Dutch manufacturer VDL Nedcar, leveraging their expertise to overcome these obstacles. This collaboration is expected to accelerate the production process, benefiting from VDL Nedcar’s strategic location and manufacturing capabilities.

ElectricBrands XBus Modular Electric Vehicle Box Loading
The Box module of the XBus, its largest variant, boasts a spacious load volume exceeding 6,000 litres for ample storage capacity.

As of the latest updates, production is scheduled to commence by the end of 2024 or early 2025, with the first deliveries anticipated in 2025. This timeline reflects the company’s commitment to addressing the initial setbacks and fulfilling the pre-orders placed by eager customers.

Availability and shipping

The anticipation for the XBus is palpable among EV enthusiasts and potential customers. Despite the production delays, ElectricBrands has been transparent about the revised schedule, ensuring that its community remains informed and engaged. The company has made significant strides in planning and preparing for production, with the construction of vehicle prototypes and the finalization of the production setup at the VDL Nedcar facility.

Prospective buyers can look forward to a range of nine XBus variants, each designed to cater to different needs, from leisure and adventure to professional use. The starting price for the base model is set at €17,380, offering an affordable entry into the world of modular electric mobility.


The road ahead

The ElectricBrands XBus represents a bold step towards redefining what a vehicle can be in the era of electric mobility. Its modular design, combined with eco-friendly features and the promise of versatility, sets it apart in a rapidly evolving market. While challenges have delayed its arrival, the continued efforts of ElectricBrands and its partners signal a bright future for this innovative electric vehicle.

As the automotive industry continues to shift towards sustainability, the XBus stands out as a testament to the creativity and resilience of EV manufacturers. Its forthcoming production and delivery will undoubtedly be a milestone moment, not just for ElectricBrands, but for the broader movement towards cleaner, more adaptable forms of transportation.

Source: ElectricBrands