BeTRITON Green E-Trailer aims to redefine sustainable mobility

BeTRITON Green E-Trailer
BeTRITON's Green E-Trailer serves as an electric boat, bike trailer, and compact camper, making it a versatile choice for eco-friendly adventurers. Images courtesy BeTRITON

BeTRITON, a company known for its innovative amphibious electric vehicles, recently unveiled its latest product, the Green E-Trailer. This launch is part of BeTRITON’s continuous effort to offer eco-friendly and flexible transportation solutions, resonating with the increasing consumer demand for sustainable outdoor adventure options.

Unveiling the Green E-Trailer

The newly introduced BeTRITON e-trailer is designed to enhance the outdoor experience with several notable improvements and features. Central to its design is the 200W solar panel which significantly boosts energy efficiency. This feature enables an extended, potentially unlimited travel range, reducing the dependency on frequent recharging and enhancing the appeal for longer journeys.

In terms of design, the e-trailer sports a hard-top, pop-up roof that not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also increases its functionality. This design makes the trailer suitable for various weather conditions, thereby broadening its usability. Moreover, a newly integrated 250W electric motor allows the trailer to be effortlessly towed by a standard bike, increasing its accessibility and convenience for a broader range of users. Additionally, integrated bike attachments facilitate easy switch between biking and driving without the need for extra equipment.

The e-trailer maintains its multifunctionality, serving as an electric boat with a 2,150W power capacity, an electric bike trailer, and a compact electric camper that comfortably accommodates two people. It is expected to be priced starting from EUR 11,900, excluding tax and shipping.

BeTRITON Green-E-Trailer Pontoons Wheels Roof
The BeTRITON Green E-Trailer features a pop-up roof for comfort, with inflatable pontoons and flip-up wheels that transform it from a bike trailer to a boat.

Strategic fundraising initiatives

Following significant media attention and a burgeoning public interest, BeTRITON has embarked on a new phase of fundraising to amplify its production and expand its footprint across Europe. The company has opened this funding round to its 23,000-strong fanbase, hosting it on Crowdcube, Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform. This initiative follows the successful securing of EUR 385,000 from international angel investors and EIT Urban Mobility in a pre-seed funding round.

BeTRITON Green E-Trailer Sleeping Space
The BeTRITON E-Trailer comfortably accommodates two adults for a cozy retreat.

The funds raised in this round are intended to transition the company from the research and development phase to scaling up production and broadening its market presence. BeTRITON has also benefited from various public funds and grants, including those from the Latvian Business Incubator, Norway Grants, LEADER, Latvian Investment and Development Agency, and the New European Bauhaus Booster 2.0 program, which have been crucial in supporting its development.

Investment opportunities

BeTRITON is inviting both its dedicated fanbase and new investors to explore investment opportunities through the Crowdcube platform. This initiative offers investors a chance to be part of BeTRITON’s mission to redefine eco-friendly transportation and outdoor adventure.

BeTRITON Green E-Trailer Solar Panel
The BeTRITON E-Trailer features a 200W solar panel on its roof for extended, eco-friendly travel.

Expanding market presence

BeTRITON’s innovative products are aimed at transforming travel by integrating camping, boating, and biking into one accessible solution. This model not only promises a unique outdoor experience but also aims at reducing environmental impacts traditionally associated with combustion-based RVs and boats. The company projects a reduction of 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions by 2026.

With a strategic focus on rentals, BeTRITON aims to make its products widely accessible. Rentals are priced at EUR 100 and are available from various locations including campsites, hotels, and holiday parks. The company initially focused on production and product testing through their own rental fleet in the Baltics and plans to expand by selling units to rental companies worldwide. These locations will later also serve as showrooms for direct-to-consumer sales.

BeTRITON Green E-Trailer Bicycle
An eco-friendly adventure awaits: Pedal to the beach, sail the waters, and sleep beneath the starlit sky.

Company milestones and future prospects

BeTRITON has already initiated its demo tour, presenting two of its latest products across several European cities. The tour includes demonstrations in Berlin at Bootshaus WEG Spreefeld on May 15, in Amsterdam at ARCAM Architecture Centre on May 18, and in Tallinn at Noblessneri Marina on May 20. This series of events is a key part of BeTRITON’s strategy to engage directly with potential customers and partners, enhancing visibility and fostering direct interactions.

BeTRITON Green E-Trailer Controls
Inside, a small cockpit contains the same controls and functions as a traditional boat.

In summary, BeTRITON’s launch of the Green E-Trailer and its subsequent equity crowdfunding campaign mark significant steps towards achieving its vision of sustainable and flexible transportation solutions. With its innovative design, strategic fundraising, and expansion plans, BeTRITON is poised to play a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of eco-friendly transportation.

Source: BeTRITON