OHEA Smart Bed automatically makes itself in under a minute

This smart bed automatically makes itself in under a minute. Image credit: OHEA

As Charles Duhigg notes in his best-selling book, The Power of Habit, “making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.” He calls it a “keystone habit,” something that leads to the development of multiple good habits. And since it happens at the very beginning of the day, you are more likely to make better decisions for the remainder of the day thanks to your bed-making routine.

However, for people who feel that making the bed is still an annoying chore – especially one that needs to be done again 12 hours later – Spanish furniture maker OHEA has come up with a solution. Behold the OHEA Smart Bed, a bed that makes itself.

Unlike smart mattress that track your sleeping cycle, OHEA did not opt for technological sophistication. Instead, they tried to ease the tedium of a very old morning chore in a very simple way. With OHEA, you will be able to wake up and start brushing your teeth for example; and by the time you are done, your smart bed will have done itself already.

How it Works

When you wake up and leave the bed, a weight sensor activates the process of making the bed. The mechanical arms on either side of the bed, equipped with rollers, guide the blanket to the head of the bed. Simultaneously, cords lift the pillows so that the blanket can be fully stretched. Once the blanket is tucked in, the cords drop the pillows back on the bed, leaving you with a perfectly made bed in less than 60 seconds. The bed also has a safety feature built in to ensure that it cannot be activated while a person is in the bed. A switch on the bed frame offers manual and automatic settings.

There are a few limitations, however. The bed is not compatible with normal blankets, pillows or duvets. It requires special bedding, which the company plans to sell. The video demonstration does not indicate if extra or heavier covers and sheets could be added. Moreover, it looks like, in order for the bed to make itself, users will need to be relatively tidy sleepers. Nevertheless, if you hate making the bed in the morning, OHEA smart bed could be the thing you are looking for.