Damon HyperSport – Motorcycle changes shape on the fly

The Damon Hypersport motorcycle can change shape on-the-fly for different riding positions.

If you are a biking aficionado, there is a high chance you are already familiar with Damon and their range of safety-assist technologies. Damon HyperSport Pro is a high-end electric bike with breathtaking aesthetics and matching performance features. It is the latest invention from the company. Inspired by an inability to fully integrate their technologies on products from other manufacturers, the company set out with a mission to produce a bike that is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Design and features

At first sight, HyperSport looks like a giant battery that is wrapped in a sports bike. Many years ago, it would have been easy to conclude that Damon’s shape is slightly odd for a bike. However, if anything the past decade taught us is that the best bikes are not conventionally shaped. The award-winning bike comes with a range of amazing features that promise to make every aspect of your ride safer, smarter, and better. Some of them include:

Ultimate power

According to the manufacturers, HyperSport Pro has an all-electric power train that delivers a jaw-dropping 200 Horsepower. It has an equally eye-catching acceleration of 0 – 60 mph under 3 seconds! Unlike other bikes with power specifications hardly of benefit to riders, HyperSport bikes fine-tune the rider’s stability control package, ensuring you get every ounce of power with complete confidence.


In a bid to enhance rider safety, HyperSport features a 360-degree Advanced Warning System. It delivers unparalleled situational awareness. In place of rearview mirrors, a 1080p rear-facing camera delivers a live feed of what is going on behind the rider. With a glance at the screen, you get to know everything you need to know about your surroundings. Through LED warning lights and Haptic Vibrating handlebars, the CoPilot feature can also alert riders if a vehicle is too close for comfort.


HyperSport ‘can change shape on the fly.’ This ability is because of the Shift feature, which gives riders the freedom to switch between sports and commuter mode with electronically controlled 4-point adjustability. When you activate this feature, the bike literally shifts its foot pegs, windshield, seat, and handlebars to suit your new riding environment. If you are constantly shuttling between start-stop city traffic and high-speed freeway conditions, HyperSport is the ideal bike for you.

Faster and further

At full charge, HyperSport boasts of an impressive range of 200+ miles. When using a Level 2 charger, Hypersport’s battery attains full charge in less than 3 hours.

Pricing info

UPDATED on 22nd Nov, 2020

Damon Motors Inc. offers four versions of the HyperSport:

HyperSport Premier costs $39,995 USD – you can reserve it with a payment of $1,000 USD. HyperSport HS has MSRP of $24,995 USD, the SX version costs $19,995 USD, and the SE version is priced at $16,995 USD. HS, SX and SE versions of the HyperSport can be reserved by making a deposit of $100 USD.

If you are planning to become a proud owner of the Damon HyperSport, you can visit the official Damon website to reserve a unit.