Blumil Go: Electric handbike attachment for manual wheelchairs

Blumil Go can convert your manual wheelchair into an electric handcycle within 5 seconds.

Electric wheelchairs are, no doubt, a wonderful invention. They bring unmatched ease, convenience, and independence to people who cannot move about on their own. Unfortunately, the best electric wheelchairs come with a steep price tag, and they are unsuitable for commuting. The Blumil Go is a revolutionary connecting mechanism that transforms a manual wheelchair into not just an electric wheelchair but an electric handbike. It’s powerful enough to cruise through most terrains, as long as the wheels in your chair can handle them.

Design and features

Blumil Go is an easy to use wheelchair converter that automatically attaches itself to your manual wheelchair. The design is an excellent blend of practicality and functionality- sleek and compact with no meddlesome wires or attachment parts. All you have to do is approach the device while seated in your wheelchair and press a button. On arrival at your destination, you can always press the button to leave the Blumil Go – simple and easy to use for everyone.

Patented connecting mechanism

Blumil Go’s patented connecting mechanism is its most appealing feature by a mile. Although most wheelchair converters promise independence, only a few have been able to fully deliver on the promise. Often, connecting wheelchair converters to the wheelchair requires great effort or external help. Blumil Go’s novel connecting mechanism seamlessly solves this problem by making the process hands-free. At the press of a button, Blumil Go automatically attaches itself to your wheelchair’s frame, and you’re good to go.

Light and compact

Blumil Go’s total weight of 13kg makes it one of the lightest wheelchair converters around. The weight is inclusive of the battery, and there are no additional accessories that users have to install on their wheelchairs. The light and compact nature make it portable, and the patented connecting mechanism ensures that converting your manual wheelchair to electric doesn’t take more than 5 seconds. There is also a parking mode that further folds the device and makes it even more compact.

Suitable for people with quadriplegia

People with quadriplegia do not need any remodeling or extra adaptations to use Blumil Go. The connecting and folding take place at the touch of a button. Driving is almost as comfortable, and you control the throttle and brake by two easy to push levers. Even with very little arm strength, you can safely connect and drive your Blumil Go without help.

Built-in lights for safety

Blumil Go sports two sets of light to enhance the rider’s safety and of other road users. There is an ambient light that turns on whenever you’re riding Blumil Go. This light ensures you’re visible to other road users no matter the time of the day or weather condition. Furthermore, the motorized wheelchair converter has headlights that aid visibility when driving at night.

Up to 30km range

At full charge, you can enjoy a range of 30km on your motorized wheelchair. Blumil Go comes with a 280 Wh LG battery that can be charged on the go and used as a power bank for mobile devices. If you wish to go further and faster with your wheelchair, you may consider getting an extra battery.

Pricing info

Blumil Go is currently priced at about 2,699 Euros (approx. $3,000). The device is registered as a medical device in the EU, and the manufacturers assure that its aircraft safe. You may visit the official Blumil website to place your order or learn more about the product.