Gibbs Biski: Motorcycle jet ski you can ride on land and water

GIBBS Biski fuses a motorcycle with a jet ski. GIBBS Sports

Alan Gibbs, the mind behind the Biski, is also known as the man who created the world’s first high-performance amphibious car, the Aquada. Biski, the company’s latest invention, takes the idea a step further and puts the amphibious motor on two wheels instead of four. The Biski, much like the Aquada and Gibbs Quadski, can seamlessly go from land to water. Let’s explore precisely what this amphibious motorbike can do.

How it works

The Biski uses two propulsion systems to move it around on both land and in the water. On land, the power of the bike comes from a two-cylinder engine that the inventor claims will help the bike reach a maximum speed of around 80 mph. While in the water, the Biski uses a proprietary dual-jet marine propulsion system that pumps out about 55 horsepower. This results in a top speed around 37 mph – 32 knots for those who are more akin to boating terms.

Flipping the switch

Biski makes it easy for riders to go from the street to the water. To switch from riding on land to moving through the water, riders simply flip a switch, and within seconds they are ready to go. However, what might be more difficult is switching your gear from one terrain to the next. As of now, there is no cargo space available on the vehicle. Riders will most likely not wear the same attire in the water as they do on land. Therefore, having some form of storage space is somewhat of a necessity for housing the appropriate gear for each riding setting.

The Biski on land

Some agree that the Biski performs much more like a maxi-scooter rather than a street bike. The Biski has an automatic transmission and a ground clearance of six inches, as stated by the manufacturer. The lean angle is not specified by Gibbs, and the introduction video shows that the bike may have a bit of a difficult time twisting around curves. Though it looks quite heavy, the Biski’s curb weight comes in around 503 lbs.

GIBBS Sports

The Biski in the water

While using the Biski as a jet-ski, riders can plane in under three seconds. Within five seconds from riding on land, the Biski wheels retract, and the jet propulsion system kicks in. The all-hollow design of the amphibious bike allows riders to float while using the vehicle in the water. Due to the Biski’s cumbersome design, its clearance around turns seems to be its most significant flaw.

Price and availability

If you are looking to get your hands on a Biski anytime soon, then you may find yourself having to practice a healthy dose of patience. Still in its concept phase, the Biski has yet to make it into wide-scale production. Because there is little known about when or how the company’s amphibious bike will make its way to the public, little is known about where potential buyers will be able to score their own. There is currently no publicly known price for the Biski.

Source: GIBBS Sports