GoSun Camp365: Solar-powered camper trailer that pops up in under 10 minutes

GoSun Camp365 Camper Trailer
Camp365 is a one of a kind off-grid cabin on wheels, completely integrated with GoSun's breakthrough solar products. Images courtesy GoSun

The name GoSun has long been synonymous with solar-powered camping gear and accessories, but now the company has made its first foray into the world of camping accommodation with their incredible and innovative Camp365 trailer. In building the Camp365, GoSun is trying to create a genuine full-time off-grid experience that is accessible to all. Let’s take a closer look.

The off-grid experience

The most important thing to note about the GoSun Camp365 is how it allows one to enjoy the freedom to roam. It is built with a pair of 100-W solar panels hanging on its broad side, collecting energy through the day and storing it in the 1,100-Wh power bank. This power is then used to power a full range of on-board appliances and features, many of which are existing GoSun products that have been integrated into the design (see further below for more).

For most, the experience of camping with amenities means dragging a trailer, tents or other gear to a crowded campsite where you’ll have access to the electricity, hot showers, and whatnot. The only alternative for most is to go into the woods with tents and have a power-free old-school raw camping experience with fire, mosquitoes, bears…the works. Camp365 gives campers the best of everything.

Light and portable

When folded into its compact and aerodynamic trailer, the GoSun Camp365 weighs about 1,800-lbs. The light aluminum frame keeps the bulk down, allowing it to be towable by just about any vehicle, including many electric vehicles. When you arrive at your chosen campsite, one person can unfold the unit within 10 minutes.

GoSun Camp365 Towable
The GoSun Camp365 trailer is designed to be towed by almost any vehicle.

The aluminum frame has composite hard walls formed around it, and the roofing is made from waterproof and puncture-resistant marine-grade synthetic materials. In short, the Camp365 may be small, but it’s tough and ready for anything.

Integrating GoSun’s technology

Camp365 brings together a number of GoSun’s existing products to form its main features, including the solar-powered cooker, the GoSun Fusion, as well as the GoSun Chill portable fridge with 40-liter capacity. There’s also a 120-W swing-out “Solar Table” that can be positioned to collect further energy.

Other appliances include a propane water heater and filter system, 24-gallon water tank, hot shower, collapsible sink unit, a heated blanket, electric heater, air conditioner, French press coffee machines, a cassette-style toilet, and multiple DC, AC and USB sockets to provide power sources to a number of other devices that people bring along with them.

GoSun Camp365 Queen Bed
Two beds can become one inside the GoSun Camp 365 trailer.

When it comes time to go to bed, campers can make  use of the pair of inflatable single beds, or put them together to make a queen-size sleeping area. Total interior space adds up to about 100 square feet, which can be opened up to create a social space where friends can gather to eat, drink, and enjoy the view through one of the many tinted glass and mesh windows.

Available to order now

The GoSun Camp365 is available to order right now, with an “all-in” price of $33,950, and deposit of $500. For those who want to really get away from the crowds and pitch up in their most ideal spot, the Camp365 offers probably one of the best solutions out there on the market today.

Updated 14th May, 2024