Boomerang-shaped urban mobility EV with off-road capabilities

Artem Smirnov's PIX L7 EV Boomerang Shaped
Artem Smirnov unveils boomerang-shaped ‘PIX-L7’ electric vehicle concept. Images © Artem Smirnov

There are car enthusiasts, and then there are car fanatics. The latter group is typically defined by individuals who go above and beyond when it comes to their passion for automobiles. They’ll spend all hours of the day tinkering with engines, redesigning exteriors, or devising new blueprints for a car that doesn’t even exist yet. And that last part is exactly what makes an auto enthusiast a “fanatic” and not just a “passionate” car lover.

One individual who falls into this category is Artem Smirnov — a Ukrainian designer who has taken his love of cars to the next level. Today we take a look at some of his more recent projects, including the PIX-L7 Boomerang EV Concept Car, which was inspired by the aerodynamic designs of Formula One racing cars.

Why is it shaped like a boomerang?

Many people associate the boomerang with a flying object, but we don’t see many of them on the roads. And that’s because a boomerang-shaped car would be probably very difficult to drive. But why exactly is the PIX-L7 shaped like a boomerang?

While it’s clear that the surface of a boomerang is aerodynamically designed to minimize air friction, the shape of the PIX-L7 is also used to create a vacuum underneath the car that practically sucks it toward the road. This prevents the car from losing traction while driving.

Well no, I just made that up.

It’s got an alien-level design, so it must have alien-level features too, right?

Lastly and the main reason, a boomerang-shaped car would look pretty cool.

Modular V-shaped body adapts to multiple use-cases

PIX L7 modular V-shaped body multiple usecases
The v-shaped design adapts to multiple use-cases, and the numerous modules offer flexibility.

The PIX-L7 can be used as a travel companion for two or for short hauls of cargo delivery thanks to its ability to transform into a load carrier. The design features guard rails that span the length of the top body and panning fog lights on the front, which enable users to go off-road when necessary. The numerous modules offer flexibility, allowing the owners to transport a bicycle, delicate cargo, or just luggage for their next trip.

What could have inspired this concept?

Artem Smirnov is a fan of a lot of things, but one particular field of industry that has nearly endless potential for design is automotives. And one of the most exciting aspects of automotive design is that you can literally create anything. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a car, and this concept is a perfect example of that. There are plenty of reasons why someone might want to create a boomerang-shaped car. Maybe it could be a nod to the fact that the boomerang is a symbol of returning energy. Whatever the inspiration behind this concept, it’s abundantly clear that the artist’s passion extends far beyond just drawing pretty pictures.

Could this ever become a reality?

This car is certainly ambitious, and whether or not it will ever become a reality is anyone’s guess. Whether or not this particular model is actually feasible, it’s clear that this is a designer who strives to push the boundaries of conventional design. And that’s definitely a quality that we can admire.

Would a boomerang-shaped car sell?

If this car ever reaches production, it’s safe to say that it will definitely sell. Whether it’s the sleek, futuristic design or the car’s eco-friendly and sustainable nature, one thing is for certain: People will want this car. Given that Artem’s PIX-L7 Boomerang car could be designed to be a hybrid vehicle with solar panels that collect energy from the sun and it’s novelty, it’s likely that this car would be more expensive than a standard car. However, it’s safe to say that many would be willing to pay a little extra for it. Still, it’s hard to predict exactly how much this car would cost. The price could vary depending on the size/weight of the car, the car’s engine, and the amount of solar panels on the car that collect energy. One thing is certain, though — if this car ever reaches production, it will sell out almost instantly.


The PIX-L7 is certainly one of Artem Smirnov’s most outlandish creations. While this concept may never become a reality, it does give us a fascinating insight into the mind of a true car fanatic. And it’s clear that this designer has a passion for creating vehicles that are out of this world.

Source: Artem Smirnov