Lightning Motorcycles’ Tachyon Nb to target the world land speed record

Lightning Motorcycles CBMM Tachyon Nb
The Lightning Tachyon Nb aims to break 250 mph-plus at the El Mirage desert and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Images © Lightning Motorcycles / CBMM

The future of motorcycling is electric. Lightning Motorcycle aims to be at the forefront of that electric future. The California-based custom motorcycle manufacturer has unveiled its latest creation, the Tachyon Nb, an all-electric land-speed motorcycle, ready to set the limits of land-speed records. Designed with a focus on aerodynamics and efficiency, the Tachyon Nb targets speeds of over 250 mph (400 km/h). This is what we know about the upcoming electric beast from Lightning so far…

The Lightning Tachyon Nb – where speed and aerodynamics collide

The Tachyon (from the Greek word for “speedy”) is a strange and exotic particle that is predicted to exist in the Higgs field of the universe, an imaginary particle that travels faster than light.

Nb is the symbol for the element niobium, a rare, exotic metal.

In this case, the name is a perfect fit, as speed and exoticness is the central theme of this bike. The Lightning Tachyon Nb is an all-electric land-speed motorcycle. It aims to set the limits of land-speed records. The bike is shrouded in carbon fiber fairings and its design cuts through the air like a spaceship, resulting in a streamlined, aerodynamically sound design.

Why Niobium?

Niobium is a silvery-colored, soft and ductile transition metal. Niobium is a rare and highly useful metal. It is one of the strongest and hardest materials known, corrosion resistant, and superconductive. Obviously, these properties make it an ideal choice for the construction of a high-performance electric motorcycle. Lightning Motorcycles has partnered with Brazilian company CBMM, the world’s largest niobium producer, to produce a special niobium alloy for the Tachyon Nb.

Lightning Motorcycles Tachyon Nb Niobium Alloy Construction
Niobium alloys are used throughout the bike.


The features of the Tachyon Nb are improved performance in extremely high temperatures by the niobium alloy brake rotors. Furthermore, niobium-based inductors and capacitors facilitate efficient and reliable charging, in addition to allowing lightweighting and miniaturization. Finally, a lighter, stronger tubular niobium-reinforced chassis makes the bike safer and faster.

Lightning’s vision

Electric motorcycles are a new and exciting technology that has not yet been fully explored. Lightning Motorcycles is ready to explore this technology and set new standards for what is possible with electric motorcycles. The company hopes that the Tachyon Nb will set a new standard for speed with electric motorcycles and inspire others to explore this technology.

A test bed for the future

Tachyon Nb’s large front fender is nearly integrated into the bike’s carbon streamlined fairing.

When Lightning Motorcycles set out to make the Tachyon Nb, they wanted to make it better in every way – better aesthetics, and better performance, however, the Lightning Tachyon Nb is not just a cool electric bike; it is also a test bike. The team is testing new concepts and materials that could be used in the construction of future bikes. A test bed for new technologies and ideas, the bike is also a test for the CBMM niobium alloy.

If the bike performs well, it would be a huge boost for CBMM and Lightning. The Tachyon Nb could become the first niobium-alloy motorcycle in history. It would be a landmark achievement.

Check out the Tachyon Nb on the road in the short video below.

Source: Lightning Motorcycles