Smart distribution truck allows fast loading and unloading at ground level

Liftboxx Distribution Truck Ground Level Loading
Liftboxx allows fast loading and unloading at ground level in a high payload small truck. Images © Liftboxx

The company Liftboxx is an organization based in Belgium that specializes in efficient solutions within the transportation sector. Liftboxx has 100 years experience in the industry and has one simple mission: “to make logistics done quicker and more efficient.” The company keeps a focus on sustainability as well as making high quality products.

Introducing the Liftboxx

The company Liftboxx has recently unveiled their electrical distribution truck. It’s a solution offered for densely packed areas that require more efficient travel solutions and it is specifically developed for urban areas. The truck enables users to load fast and unload fast at ground level. Customers are able to buy the Liftboxx distribution truck in 3.5 -5.0 and 6.5 tonne GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) and they also have the ability to purchase various brands of the front wheel drive cab. Customers will have the choice of EURO 6 Diesel, CNG, and full electric cabs.

Components of the Liftboxx

The Liftboxx distribution truck is up to 5 meters (16 feet) in length and 4 meters (13 feet) in height. Additionally, the distribution truck weighs a hefty 6,600 kilograms or 14,550 pounds. It can reach a total of up to 180 horsepower, similar to that of a small family car. In loading position, the Liftboxx dock rests as low as 50 millimeters (2 inches) above the ground. The loading capacity the truck can handle is up to 4,000 kilograms (8,818 pounds). The base of each cargo carrier or container unit is made from a lightweight aluminum floor.

Focus on speed and efficiency

The base floor of the Liftboxx drops down to ground level within mere seconds. The company estimates that within 25 delivery addresses, users will save 18% or 1 and a half hours per day by using the Liftboxx instead of other brands of distribution vehicles. Additionally, the truck allows users to not be held up at distribution centers, wasting valuable time. Another container can be loaded for the truck while Liftboxx drivers are moving cargo and driving to the distribution center. Once drivers arrive at the distribution center, offloading their cargo is simple and can be done without even leaving the vehicle. The company estimates that within only 2 minutes, an empty box can be dropped off and a new one can be attached with the driver on the move again.

Potential benefits of the Liftboxx

The Liftboxx distribution truck has many benefits, one of the most obvious is its versatile nature. The electrical truck has 3 chassis widths and lengths that go up to 5,000 mm (16 feet). This enables users to completely change the application of the Liftboxx, without actually having to change the structure of the vehicle. Workers who use loading trucks are often victims of painful lifting injuries, but Liftboxx aims to put a stop to that. The vehicle’s loading floor lies on the ground completely, allowing users direct access and helping to prevent injuries on the knees and joints.

Source: Liftboxx