Exploring the Joyce’90 e-moto: A blend of ebike and electric motorcycle

Joyce90 Electric Motorbike Concept
Tozz co-founder, Burak Kazar, describes the Joyce'90 as a shrunken version of an electric motorcycle. Images courtesy Tozz Bikes

In the realm of electric vehicles, innovative collaborations often lead to exciting products. One such example is the Joyce’90 e-moto, born from the partnership between Tozz Bike and Joyce Technology. This unique vehicle, which debuted in September 2023, is the first outcome of a collaboration that combines the best of both worlds – the agility of an ebike and the power of an electric motorcycle.

Tozz Bike, known for its 2021 Pipegun kickbike, is set to release a new version of the Pipegun electric kickbike later this year. Meanwhile, Joyce Technology, based in Istanbul, has gained recognition for its sporty One electric car. For the Joyce’90, the team drew inspiration from the 1990s, resulting in a design that merges elements of dirt bikes and grand tourers. This blend is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, featuring vibrant colors and high-contrast decals that enhance its visual appeal.

One of the unique features of the Joyce’90 is its built-in Bluetooth speaker, which adds a lively dimension to the mobility experience. Additionally, the e-moto boasts a pop-up headlight equipped with RGB LEDs, allowing riders to set the mood for their journey.

The Joyce’90 is described as a “shrunken version of an electric motorcycle” with an ebike’s DNA. Tozz co-founder Burak Kazar highlights the benefits of using high-quality ebike parts, which ensures easy access to spare parts and maintenance post-warranty. This approach also aligns with sustainability, as it reduces the need for producing special parts and tools for each model, thereby saving significant energy.

Joyce90 Electric Motorbike Pop-up LED Headlight
The LED headlight, which pops up, stands out as a key design feature.

In terms of performance, the Joyce’90 is equipped with a 750-W hub motor at the rear, delivering up to 80 Nm (59 lb.ft) of torque. However, it’s designed as a low-powered city commuter with a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). In Europe, the power will be limited to 250 watts, and the speed capped at 25 km/h, complying with local regulations. The e-moto includes a removable battery, offering a range of up to 45 km (28 miles) per charge. An additional battery can be optioned in to double this range.

Joyce90 Electric Motorbike Specs
The Joyce’90 features a 750-W hub motor, achieving a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph).

The Joyce’90 also features 20-inch ebike fat tires, a steel chassis encased in polypropylene bodywork, and both passenger and rider foot pegs mounted on a low-hanging square frame. For comfort and safety, it includes a suspension fork and rear shock to navigate uneven terrain smoothly, and disc brakes for effective stopping power. A small display atop the “fuel tank” provides essential ride data at a glance.

As of now, the Joyce’90 is available for pre-order, though pricing and availability details are still pending. The partnership between Tozz and Joyce is not stopping here; they plan to introduce another two-wheeler EV and a four-wheeler in the future. This ongoing collaboration promises to bring more innovative and sustainable options to the electric vehicle market.

Joyce90 Electric Motorbike Design
The design of the Joyce’90 is the result of a joint venture between Tozz Bikes and Joyce Technology.

Source: Joyce’90