The three-wheel motorcycle conversion that lets you lean

Tilting Motor Works Three-Wheel Motorcycle Conversion
Tilting Motor Works says that the conversion retains the tilt and nuance of a traditional motorcycle with the added stability that comes from two front wheels. Images © Tilting Motor Works

When you think of a motorcycle, a sleek, two-wheeled vehicle likely springs to mind. But what if we told you that a three-wheeled motorcycle could offer the same level of agility, with added stability and safety? Enter Tilting Motor Works and their game-changing TRiO kit, a three-wheel motorcycle conversion that not only retains but enhances the classic motorcycling experience.

Designed for a diverse range of popular motorcycles, including Harley Davidson, Honda, and Indian, the TRiO kit offers a unique take on the traditional trike design. Instead of a single front wheel and two rear wheels, the TRiO kit flips the script, placing two wheels in the front. This innovative approach allows riders to experience the thrill of steering, counter-steering, and leaning into corners, without compromising the ride’s quality or their safety.

Unlike traditional trikes, which often have a stodgy image and can disappoint riders with less-than-stellar handling, the TRiO kit ensures that the front wheels tilt in parallel. This seemingly simple modification makes a world of difference. It retains the thrill of a two-wheeler while offering the stability of a trike, creating an exhilarating and safer ride that’s perfect for those unsatisfied with ordinary trikes.

Beyond the enhanced riding experience, the TRiO kit brings additional safety benefits. Tilting Motor Works emphasizes that the front-end conversion puts more traction where it truly belongs – in the front. This enhanced front-end traction improves safety by providing more control, and it amplifies cornering capabilities, letting riders lean into turns with confidence.

Tilting Motor Works TRiO Kit Leaning
Lean into corners with confidence with the TRiO kit’s innovative tilting technology.

Moreover, the dual front wheels afford greater braking power. This boosted stopping ability can be a game-changer in situations requiring abrupt halts, potentially preventing accidents and ensuring safer rides.

An integral part of the TRiO kit is the tilt lock leveling system. This innovative feature ensures that the motorcycle becomes self-supporting at a stop and remains vertical even with your feet up. This means there’s no need to put your feet down at traffic lights or during stop-and-go traffic, adding to the comfort and convenience of the ride.

Tilting Motor Works TRiO Kit Tilt-Lock On
The TRiO kit’s tilt-lock mechanism ensures stability at stops, maintaining an upright position without rider support.

Booking a TRiO kit is simple and risk-free, requiring only a $2,000 refundable deposit to secure a reservation in the production run. Tilting Motor Works will assist you in choosing a certified dealer and finalizing your order, ensuring a seamless purchasing process.

After installation, which comes at an additional cost to the TRiO kit’s price of $13,995, your certified dealer will provide a new owner orientation. This includes a test ride and training on the tilt lock system, ensuring you’re fully prepared and confident to hit the road again on your enhanced ride.

In summary, a Trio-enhanced bike delivers an unparalleled riding experience, combining the best aspects of a traditional two-wheeler and a trike. It offers the thrill and nuance of a conventional motorcycle with the added stability, safety, and cornering capabilities of a three-wheeled design. As Tilting Motor Works’ motto suggests, a TRiO-enhanced bike indeed handles exactly like a conventional two-wheeler – only better!

Tilting Motor Works TRiO Kit Harley
Harley Streetside conversion
Tilting Motor Works TRiO Kit Honda
2008 Pearl White Honda GL1800 conversion
Tilting Motor Works TRiO Kit Indian Motorcycle Conversion
Indian motorcycle conversion

Source: Tilting Motor Works