Aero Cabin camping trailer features a pop-up roof and slide-out front

Aero Cabin One Camping Trailer
At the campsite, the Aero Cabin unveils its spaciousness, boasting a sliding front, a rising roof, and a flexible indoor/outdoor kitchen. Images courtesy Aero Cabin

Introducing the Aero Cabin One, a novel entry in the camping trailer landscape, characterized by its unique multidirectional expansion capabilities. Crafted by Smitveld, a renowned Dutch trailer and awning specialist, the Aero Cabin One signifies a stride towards a new realm of caravan sophistication and innovation, establishing itself as a distinguished brand in the trailer industry.

Possessing the aesthetic of compact sleekness on the road, the Aero Cabin One is not just another small trailer. Its design intricacies allow it to be easily towed by a variety of vehicles, including electric cars like the Tesla Model X and Y, owing to its accommodating length of 17.4 feet (5.3 m) and a base weight of 1,984 lbs (900 kg). Despite its lightweight and streamlined design, it opens up into a spacious living area, exemplifying the idea of a “little big caravan.”

Transforming the camping experience, the Aero Cabin One unfurls effortlessly upon arrival at a campsite. Its design incorporates a pop-up roof and a slide-out front, creating an enhanced sense of space and facilitating a warm, welcoming entry for campers. An open kitchen, strategically positioned to greet the occupants, accentuates the trailer’s interior. The meticulously planned L-shaped kitchen layout comprises a triple-burner stove, a generous 70-liter fridge/freezer, and substantial storage spaces that ensure convenience and functionality.

Highlighting its commitment to maximizing the outdoor living experience, the Aero Cabin One brings an innovation that allows the indoor kitchen’s stove-area worktop to be transferred outdoors. This feature enriches the camping experience, allowing the preparation of meals in the embrace of the surrounding natural environment.

Aero Cabin One Camping Trailer Towed
The Aero Cabin packs up effortlessly, ready to tow just like a standard 17-foot caravan.

The Aero Cabin One’s interior further flourishes with a thoughtfully designed sleeping and living area. Its pop-up roof and slide-out sections ingeniously create distinct spaces for relaxation and sleep, negating the need for the customary convertible dinette-beds found in many compact trailers. A luxurious touch is added with a spacious bed featuring Froli springs and a generous mattress, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Aero Cabin One Camping Trailer King Size Bed
The slide-out space cleverly houses a king-size bed alongside a separate dining area, complete with a stowable bamboo table.

Although impeccably designed, the Aero Cabin One seems primarily tailored for couples, and it appears most suitable for stays at well-facilitated campgrounds due to the absence of an incorporated bathroom and additional sleeper roof.

Aero Cabin One Camping Trailer Awning
Smitveld’s best fitting awnings for the Aero Cabin One.

Marking its presence with a compelling honeycomb body design, the Aero Cabin One made its debut at the Camping and Caravan Fair in Utrecht, Netherlands, as a ready-for-production model, contrary to its concept trailer appearance. It is available for purchase at an introductory offer of €39,000, equivalent to approximately US$41,360, inviting camping enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a blend of innovative design and luxurious camping experience.

Aero Cabin One Camping Trailer Kitchen
The Aero Cabin’s kitchen effortlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor setups.

Source: Aero Cabin