Tonke VW ID. Buzz e-Camper: A compact and versatile travel companion

Tonke VW ID. Buzz e-camper Module Kit
Tonke has designed a highly comfortable and practical camper van conversion for the compact, all-electric VW ID. Buzz, complete with pop-tops and expandable walls. Images courtesy Tonke

In the ever-evolving world of camper vans, Tonke has emerged as a leader in creating smart, flexible designs. Their latest offering, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz mini-camper, showcases their expertise in electric camper van builds. This innovative creation is not only a testament to Tonke’s skill in design but also a nod to the increasing demand for sustainable and versatile recreational vehicles.

Design and Versatility

The Tonke VW ID. Buzz Module kit, discreetly housed in the tailgate area, is a testament to smart design and efficiency. It keeps the original five factory seats of the ID. Buzz for everyday use, transforming the vehicle into a mini-camper when needed. This transition is seamless, offering an all-electric camping experience that includes a double bed spanning the width of the cabin. The bed’s size is notable, almost matching a residential queen bed, which is a significant achievement in the compact space of a camper van.

Kitchen: A Blend of Innovation and Functionality

Tonke has reimagined the camper van kitchen with its bidirectional kitchen slide, enabling cooking both inside and outside the van. This feature is particularly advantageous in unpredictable weather conditions, ensuring comfort and convenience. The kitchen includes a dual-burner induction cooktop and a collapsible sink basin, both thoughtfully designed for space efficiency and ease of use. The 31-L compressor refrigerator and a 12-L water canister further add to the functionality, ensuring essentials are always at hand.

Power and Sustainability

Tonke VW ID. Buzz e-camper Stove Sink Slide
The bidirectional stove/sink slide in the camper adds flexibility, enabling easy access to the larger cargo space below.

Emphasizing the all-electric nature of the ID. Buzz, the Tonke module requires a 230-V shore power hookup for the induction cooktop. However, Tonke offers an optional all-in-one lithium power station for off-grid camping, along with optional solar charging hardware, aligning with the sustainable ethos of the electric van.

Sleeping Arrangements

Tonke’s design maximizes the available space for the bed, providing a sleeping area nearly as large as a standard queen bed. This design choice is a significant improvement over other ID. Buzz camper conversions, which often compromise bed size for additional furniture or storage.

Tonke VW ID. Buzz e-camper Queen-Size Bed
Experience the comfort of the Tonke Buzz’s spacious near-queen-size bed.

Installation and Flexibility

The Tonke VW ID. Buzz Module kit is designed for easy installation and removal, allowing owners to switch between a camper van and an everyday electric MPV or cargo van. This flexibility is a key feature, accommodating varying needs and lifestyles without permanent alterations to the vehicle.

Pricing and Options

Tonke revealed the Buzz Module camper prototype at a fair in Utrecht, Netherlands, with the main module priced at €4,955 (approximately US$5,410). Additional options include a €2,100 power station, solar panel setups, and a €650 compressor fridge. Conversion of the front seats to swivel seats is also available for €350 each.

Tonke VW ID. Buzz e-camper Indoor Outdoor Cooking
The kitchen slide’s bi-directional feature allows for easy cooking both indoors and outdoors.

Potential buyers can purchase the ID. Buzz separately or through Tonke, with prices starting at €55,777 ($60,900) for a five-seat ID. Buzz People MPV with a 217-mile (350-km) 77-kWh battery pack. Tonke plans to offer long-wheelbase vans and an optional pop-up roof in early 2024, along with a folding toilet for the long-wheelbase version.

Source: Tonke