High-performance semi-submersible watercraft

Seabreacher Semi Submersible Adventure Watercraft
The Seabreacher sure looks like a ton of fun on the water. Images © Innespace Productions

The Seabreacher is the result of more than a decade of careful research and engineering development by Innespace. It’s a revolutionary semi-submersible personal watercraft that can travel up to 60-mph on the water’s surface, while diving up to 5 feet and then breaching the water in a dramatic leap up to 20 feet in the air.

Could the Seabreacher be a key next step in the development of viable personal watercraft technology? It’s already changing the lives of holidaymakers who are experiencing it for themselves through private companies in certain locations such as San Diego, California, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, among others.

Built for fun

The Seabreacher is a personal watercraft built either in a one- or two-seat configuration, typically suited for pilots up to 6-foot 4 inches in height, and passengers up to 6-foot 2 inches. It’s powered by an impressive 230-hp supercharged and inter-cooled engine delivering top speeds of 60-mph on the surface and 25-mph underwater for short distances.

Everything about the Seabreacher screams fun in the sun, starting with its unique exterior designs. The Seabreacher comes in 3 standard forms, the X (Shark style), Y (Killer Whale style) and Z (Dolphin style), with each unit hand built from scratch and a multitude of add-ons and options available, including a custom paint job for the exterior.

Other standard features include a fully vectored jet nozzle for superlative maneuverability, high-performance wings, a sporty and tinted canopy roof offering panoramic views above and below the water’s surface, and much more. When ordering, one can also choose from an exhaustive list of optional features.

Seabreacher Hydro Attack Tiger Shark
The Seabreacher X with a custom paint job – Tiger Shark

Under and over the water

What really stands out about the Seabreacher is how it moves both under and over the water. On the surface, it skims along just like a powerboat or a jet ski might, but then you can close the canopy and dive up to 6 feet below the surface to see more of the watery world beneath.

After a short burst under the water, you can then breach the surface in a stunt-like jump, leaping up to 20 feet into the air! This part does worry some users, but the extreme buoyancy of the craft means that even if it lands on its tail and falls backwards into the water, it will quickly self-correct and you’re right back on track.

Experience the thrill of 360 degree barrel rolls on the water!

Impressive optional features

Each Seabreacher unit can be customized to suit individual tastes and needs, first from choosing optional extras from the company’s list. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Engine power upgrade to 300-hp
  • Installation of a depth finder
  • LED speakers
  • Waterproof headsets
  • Custom covers
  • Lifting cradles and yacht mounts
  • Customized exterior paint
  • Portable cooling unit
  • And more…

In addition, Innespace welcomes any and all individual inquiries to create the perfect Seabreacher for each customer.

Available for custom purchasing now

Innespace is building individual custom units of the Seabreacher now, with a base price starting at $85,000. The final price depends largely on the country or region it is being shipped to, and the number of add-ons and customization points that are added during the order process.

Financing is not currently available for purchasing these boats, but Innespace is open to discussing breaking the costs into as many as 3 parts through the course of production. Interested parties can learn more about this amazing craft by getting in touch with Innespace.

Source: Innespace Productions