Hypershell’s AI-driven Omega Exoskeleton: Changing the game of outdoor adventures

Hypershell Omega Exoskeleton
With Hypershell's exoskeleton, transcend your usual boundaries and explore new heights of adventure. Images © Hypershell

Hypershell, a forward-thinking startup based in Shanghai, is revolutionizing outdoor adventure with their cutting-edge, portable exoskeleton technology. Shattering conventional norms of exoskeleton use, the company seeks to translate the technological power typically found in workplaces and battlefields into the domain of outdoor exploration.

The trailblazing Omega series from Hypershell brings the potency of a horse into the legs of outdoor enthusiasts, promising an augmented exploration experience. The technology offers the opportunity for users to run faster, climb higher, and venture further into the wilderness, transforming the average Joe into a fearless explorer.

The Omega exoskeleton, akin to a human power bank, aims to preserve the user’s stamina, reducing fatigue and increasing the range of exploration. Weighing 4.4 lb (2 kg), the Omega’s design places emphasis on portability, allowing it to fold into a compact 6.5-L form that can be conveniently attached to a backpack. This feature enables adventurers to either wear it throughout their journey or employ it during demanding segments of their trip.

Despite the substantial weight addition to a backpack, the Hypershell Omega provides a compensatory benefit. The lower-body device is adjustable, fitting the user’s waist and legs. It leverages a built-in 1-hp (800-W) permanent magnet synchronous motor to deliver supportive assistance, offsetting up to 66 lb (30 kg) of weight. This reduction in perceived load allows users to walk, run, or scramble with greater ease, thus conserving energy and extending the duration of their adventure. Furthermore, the exoskeleton supports running speeds up to 12 mph (20 km/h) and offers a range of up to 16 miles (25 km) per charge.

Hypershell Omega Exoskeleton Folded
Hypershell’s exoskeleton is designed to compactly fold and fit within or attach to your backpack.

Beyond the power assistance, the Hypershell Omega exoskeleton presents one active and eight passive joints, designed for smooth, unrestricted motion. Relying on a multi-sensor architecture, it tracks torque, position, and force, while monitoring leg motion and modeling gait within milliseconds. This is achieved via two onboard processors which regulate motor output through nine different modes, encompassing walking, running, hill climbing, and cycling. The “Hyper mode” allows instant access to the system’s full output capacity. The device’s AI engine continuously learns and adapts to the user, predicting and matching assistive output for more intuitive operation over time.

However, the question arises: what about multi-day backpacking trips where battery limitations could be a hindrance? Hypershell addresses this issue by integrating two hot-swappable lithium battery packs into the aluminum-magnesium chassis. Adventurers can carry extra batteries, provided they can accommodate an additional 14 oz (400 g) per battery pair.

Hypershell Omega Exoskeleton Waist Belt and Straps
The Omega exoskeleton fastens around the waist using a belt and attaches to the legs via straps.

Beyond just hikers and backpackers, Hypershell envisions a wider application spectrum for its exoskeleton. The list includes mountain climbers, cyclists, trail runners, outdoor professionals like photographers, and even search and rescue crews. In urban settings, the Hypershell Omega could be useful for walking city streets or visiting theme parks.

At present, Hypershell is focused on kick-starting production with three different models based on the Omega platform. The base model, Hypershell Go, starts at a pledge level of HK$2,680 (approx. US$342), and has a smaller 400-W motor, offering a lower top speed of 7.5 mph (12 km/h). The Pro model, with the specifications described earlier, is available starting from HK$3,917 (US$500), while the lighter Carbon model, weighing 4 lb (1.8 kg), is priced at HK$5,811 (US$742). Deliveries are anticipated to begin in October, contingent upon a successful rollout.

Hypershell Omega Exoskeleton Running Modes
The Hypershell Omega exoskeleton features various running modes and supports remarkable speeds of up to 12 mph in its “hyper mode”.

In conclusion, the Hypershell Omega exoskeleton series pushes the boundaries of outdoor adventure, offering power-assisted mobility in an ultra-portable design. With a clear vision of transforming the outdoor experience, Hypershell’s AI-driven exoskeleton technology could potentially revolutionize the way we engage with the outdoors, making extended treks, high-altitude climbs, and other arduous activities more accessible and enjoyable. While its weight and battery limitations pose considerations for potential users, the Hypershell Omega’s innovative blend of power, portability, and smart assistive functionality make it an exciting new entry in the world of adventure tech. As we eagerly await the market response to this revolutionary product, there’s no doubt that Hypershell is setting the stage for a new era of hyper-powered outdoor exploration.

Hypershell Omega Exoskeleton Weight Offset
By offsetting up to 66 lb of weight, Hypershell’s Omega exoskeleton platform makes your backpack feel lighter and your movements smoother and more effortless.

Source: Indiegogo