Conker Pods: A glimpse into sustainable, versatile living spaces of the future

Conker Full-Sphere Self-Contained Living Pod
The Full-Sphere Conker Pod offers a versatile living space that's designed for multiple uses like office, bedroom, or dining room.

The conventional notion of building design and construction practices is under reevaluation in today’s rapidly changing world, and spearheading this rethinking is the UK-based company Conker. With its portfolio of futuristic, self-contained living spaces, Conker is not just revolutionizing how we think about architecture but also pushing the envelope for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Engineering Multi-Functional Spaces

Designed and manufactured in Cheshire, UK, Conker offers a range of products that can suit various needs—be it sleeping, dining, working, or entertaining. The structures are not only soundproof but also boast impressive energy efficiency. The design ensures minimal groundwork during installation, allowing the Conker pods to blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

A Conker for Every Need

The product line starts with the full-sphere Conker, a highly customizable and versatile pod that can be transformed into an office, bedroom, living space, or dining room. Priced at £29,000 ex VAT, it’s an investment in future-forward, sustainable living.

There’s also an Igloo version, designed with accessibility in mind. It offers the same space and versatility but is specially adapted for wheelchair users. The Igloo starts at £25,000 ex VAT.

Conker Igloo Accessible Pod
The Conker Igloo is a wheelchair-accessible, energy-efficient semi-spherical pod, offering the same versatility as the full-sphere model.

The Next Generation: Baby Conker

For younger members of the family, the Baby Conker offers a miniature, treehouse-inspired version. Like its bigger siblings, it is also weatherproof and soundproof. The Baby Conker starts at £8,000 ex VAT and can be installed practically anywhere.

Baby Conker Self-Contained Living Pod
The Baby Conker is a mini, treehouse-inspired pod that’s ideal for children.

For The Corporate Environment: Conker Slice

Businesses looking to modernize their office spaces can opt for the Conker Slice. This spherical segment can be utilized in office buildings and comes with optional doors to customize the space. With a focus on acoustic design, it is priced at £5,200 ex VAT.

Conker Slice Office Pod
The Conker Slice is an acoustically designed, maneuverable pod segment, perfect for modern offices and meeting spaces, customizable with optional doors.

The Mini Versions

The Mini Conker and Mini Igloo provide a solution for those with smaller spaces or tighter budgets. Despite their smaller size, they still comply with British Standard residential specifications and are priced at £23,000 and £17,000 ex VAT, respectively.

What’s in the Box?

Regardless of the model, all Conker pods come equipped with standard features that include insulation, heat recovery systems, ventilation systems, and internal power sockets that also offer USB ports. The full-sphere versions even come with underfloor heating. Additional costs for delivery will depend on the installation site.

Conker Full-Sphere Living Pod Bed
The full-sphere Conker features a customizable bed setup, available in single or double, complemented by convenient bedside units.

Foundation Types

Conker also offers different foundation options based on soil surveys. These range from freestanding on firm ground to bolted to earth screws on uneven terrain. Moreover, they have telescopic legs for uneven ground, ensuring flexibility in where you can place your Conker.

Smart Features and Customization

For those in need of specific features, there are options for double-glazed windows, secure locking systems, and up to 75mm of insulation. Moreover, there are plug-in, plug-in hybrid, or off-the-grid models, allowing you to tailor your Conker to your energy needs. Color options include White, Silver, British Racing Green, and Copper.

Full-Sphere Conker Pod Toilet
The Conker’s integrated wet room includes a compact toilet along with a sink and shower.

Multi-Room and Modular Capabilities

One of the most striking aspects of Conker’s offerings is the ability to link multiple units together. This is a game-changer for growing families or businesses in need of more room without undertaking massive construction projects.

Pricing Information

Here’s a quick recap of pricing for potential buyers:

  • Full-sphere Conker: £29,000 ex VAT
  • Igloo: £25,000 ex VAT
  • Baby Conker: £8,000 ex VAT
  • Conker Slice: £5,200 ex VAT
  • Mini Conker: £23,000 ex VAT
  • Mini Igloo: £17,000 ex VAT

Additional costs include delivery, which is calculated based on the installation site, and any optional features you might choose.

Conker Full-Sphere Living Pod Customization
Conker Pods offer extensive customization options, from foundation types and interior furnishings to exterior colors, allowing for a personalized living or working space tailored to your needs.


Conker pods represent a significant leap in how we perceive and use living spaces. By merging versatility with sustainability, they offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future of housing and workspace solutions. Their scalable, modular design, along with a range of customization options, makes them a compelling choice for those looking to invest in innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

Source: Conker Living