Redefining electric RVing: The ALD09 teardrop trailer by ROC

ROC ALD09 Composite Teardrop Trailer
The ALD09 teardrop trailer features a unique angular design, lightweight build, and includes a customizable interior with multi-functional space. Images courtesy ROC Trailers

In the evolving landscape of electric recreational vehicles (RVs), ROC Trailers, a Georgia-based company, introduces a novel approach to RV design with its latest offering, the ALD09 teardrop. The ALD09 not only represents a leap in electric RVing but also exemplifies a fusion of yacht-inspired construction with the versatility needed for modern outdoor adventures. This review delves into the various aspects of the ALD09, examining its design, functionality, and compatibility with both electric and small gas vehicles.

ROC Trailers has always aimed to distinguish its products in the crowded RV market. The ALD09 follows the OTD10 and ASD10 models, known for their standout multi-color patterns and unique teardrop shapes. However, the ALD09 breaks away from traditional designs, adopting an unorthodox angular geometry that challenges conventional RV aesthetics. Its body, reminiscent of abstract art, departs from the usual curves of teardrop trailers, favoring a more rugged and distinctive appearance.

Functionality blends with form in the ALD09’s design. The teardrop trailer boasts a long, sloped roof that can be augmented with an optional rack, ideal for carrying a rooftop tent or other cargo. This design feature is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, as it mitigates the issue of cargo constantly being pulled by gravity. Despite its unique roof, the ALD09 maintains a height of 6 feet (1.8 meters), inclusive of the roof racks, aligning with ROC’s previous models in terms of stature.

The ALD09’s design prioritizes versatility in towing. It has a gross vehicle weight as low as 2,000 lb (907 kg), making it a suitable companion for the burgeoning market of hitch-equipped electric vehicles and hybrids. This lightweight design is achieved through a shift from traditional aluminum-skinned wood frame structures to an insulated fiberglass-composite build, drawing inspiration from yacht construction. This not only reduces the weight but also enhances the insulation and durability of the teardrop trailer.

ROC ALD09 Composite Teardrop Trailer Towing
The ROC ALD09, featuring a base weight of just 1,200 lbs, is ideally suited for towing with both compact and electric vehicles.

ROC seems to have taken cues from futuristic vehicle designs, like the Tesla Cybertruck, when conceptualizing the ALD09. The trailer’s debut alongside vehicles such as the Rivian R1T underscores its readiness to complement modern electric trucks, with a ground clearance of 20 inches (51 cm) that surpasses even the highest air suspension settings of these vehicles.

ROC ALD09 Composite Teardrop Trailer Kitchen
The ALD09’s kitchen boasts a sleek stainless steel worktop and space-efficient side table.

The interior of the ALD09 addresses the potential issue of space constraints inherent in its angular design. ROC cleverly distributes the galley equipment, incorporating an optional tongue box with a fridge/cooler slide and a deployable side table for portable stoves. This arrangement leaves the galley itself to house a stainless steel worktop, storage drawers, cabinets, and an optional sink, ensuring efficient use of space.

Accommodation-wise, the ALD09 offers a near-queen size mattress (57 x 80 inches or 145 x 203 cm), LED lighting, and 12V/USB outlets. A unique feature is the convertible shelf over the foot of the bed, which can transform into a small bed for a child or pet. This design provides sleeping arrangements for two people, with the option to expand capacity using a rooftop tent.

ROC ALD09 Composite Teardrop Trailer Storage Shelf Bunk Bed
The innovative storage shelf in the ALD09 cleverly converts into a compact bunk, perfect for a child or pet.

As of its debut at the Overland Expo series, the ALD09 is available starting at $16,999. This price includes standard features such as LED lights, a MaxxAir fan, electric brake hubs, exterior lighting, and an off-road-ready build. The standard model also comes with a steel frame equipped with rock sliders, General Grabber all-terrain tires on 16-inch steel wheels, reinforced fenders, and a 20-inch ground clearance. Additionally, it features a 2-inch hitch receiver.

ROC ALD09 Composite Teardrop Trailer Options
Customize your journey with the ALD09’s extensive options, from off-grid power packages to dual-burner stoves and rooftop tents.

For those seeking additional features, ROC offers a comprehensive options list. This includes upgrades like the tongue box (with or without a fridge slide), an Iceco fridge, a Cadac dual-burner stove, an off-grid power package, a kitchen sink with a 57-liter water tank, and various rooftop tent and awning selections.

Source: ROC Trailers